Several undergraduate degrees are taught entirely in English, as well as many others in Japanese.

Classes for degree courses taught in Japanese, which you can take together with Japanese students, begin in April. Degree courses taught in English start in October. The courses taught in English are attended by international students from a variety of countries. The number of international coeducational classes open to all students is also being increased, allowing you to take courses taught in English alongside Japanese students and providing many chances for you to study the Japanese language.

Faculties / Schools Department
Arts and Letters Humanities and Social Sciences
Education Educational Science
Law Law
Economics Economics
Business Administration
Science Mathematics
Astronomy and Geophysics
Geoenvironmental Science
Earth and Planetary Materials Science
Medicine Medical Sciences
Health Sciences
Dentistry Dentistry

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering
Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
and Biomolecular Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Civil Engineering and Architecture
Agriculture Applied Bio-Sciences
Applied Biological Chemistry

Degree Courses Taught in English

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