餐厅 & 商店

Student facilities, for use by students and instructors, are located on Tohoku University's campuses in Katahira, 川内, Aobayama, 和Seiryo.

Katahira Campus

Sakura Kitchen

With a sturdy ceiling made up of large wooden beams, the building fits in well with the surrounding tree-lined streets and creates the impression that one is eating in the shade of a forest.

Restaurant Hagi

This restaurant offers pasta, locally sourced grilled meat dishes, an original set called the Hagi Meal, a beef-tongue platter, and in the evening Tohoku University's own brand of beer and wine. Its menu focuses on Tohoku area foods and drinks.

Sakura Shop

This shop carries a wide range of 面包, 饭团, box lunches, 和零食, as well as magazines and books.

Kawauchi Campus

川内 no Mori 餐厅

This cafeteria's name was inspired by 仙台's nickname, Mori no Miyako (the city of tree). It is the largest cafeteria on any of the campuses, with 592 seats.

Kitchen Terrace Couleur

"Couleur" is French for "color."
This cafeteria serves 咖喱, rice-bowl dishes, and noodles.

Bush Clover Cafe

This cafe opened in January 2010, alongside Kitchen Terrace Couleur. It sells coffee, bread, bagels, and cakes.

Bee ARENA Cafe

We have named this dining hall with the hope that people will gather there like "bees to a hive." It provides an inviting atmosphere for students and staff alike.

川内 Co-op Restaurant

This cafeteria is frequently used by Faculty of 艺术 and Letters students.

Mozart klees coffee

仙台's well known Mozart Café chain has its Mozart Klee's coffee branch on the 1st floor of the Centennial Hall.


Your food is prepared as soon as you order, so it's always freshly made.

Multidisciplinary 研究 Building SHOP (POCKE)

Sells a wide variety of food, from box lunches to 零食.

川内 Co-op Book Store (North)

A bookstore located on 川内-Kita 校园. Besides selling various books and magazines, it also carries box lunches, 零食, and a range of daily necessities.

川内 Co-op Book Store (South)

This bookstore stocks more specialized books related to the humanities than any of the other campus stores. In addition to academic materials, it also has a wide selection of general-interest magazines and books.

Aobayama Campus

Aobayama Co-op Restaurant

Ingredients are selected on the basis of quality and safety to provide a varied a la carte menu, 饭碗, 咖喱, and a salad bar (salad sold by weight). The facility offers meals from breakfast to dinner.

Espace Ouvert

This relaxed restaurant Offers Lunch and dinner. 38个席位.

Keyaki 餐厅

This relaxed restaurant Offers Lunch and dinner.

Espace Commun

This relaxed restaurant Offers Lunch and dinner.


This student restaurant offers Halal foods also.

Komorebi cafe

This cafe's natural lighting and open spaces make a strong impression. Here students can enjoy their meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Aobayama Co-op Bookstore

This shop carries specialized materials related to the Faculties of 科学 and Pharmaceutical 科学s, it also has wide range of reasonably priced stationary supplies, box lunches, 面包.

book cafe 'BOOOK'

This shop allows students to browse books while having fresh bread and coffee.


This convinience store located on the Faculty of 科学, is extremely convenient to students and staff alike.

Seiryo Campus

Seiryo Co-op Restaurant

The varied menu shows calories for each dish. There is also a salad bar. The cafeteria serves breakfast from 8:00 AM to encourage well-rounded eating habits.

Seiryo Co-op Shop

This shop carries a wide range of 面包, 饭团, box lunches, 和零食, as well as stationary supplies, daily necessities, and a wide selection of medical books, popular new publications, and informational materials.

地图 & 方向

Tohoku University Main Office:
2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku,
仙台, 宫城, Japan 980-8577